The Removal Process Isn't So Bad

The Removal Process Isn’t So Bad

A friend of mine told me about a clinic for medical aesthetics in Singapore a couple of weeks ago. I mentioned that I was tired of this one tattoo that was on my foot, and wanted to get rid of it. She told me that I could have it done at this clinic, and it would only take me a few treatments to do so. I asked her what kind of treatments they do to get rid of the tattoo, and she told me that it was a laser one that was fairly quick. I was a little scared of the idea of a laser being aimed at my foot, but my friend told me that it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

That night, I put a lot of thought into going to the clinic. I had a weird dream about getting the tattoo removed, and saw a giant laser aimed at me, firing red blasts until one hit me. That’s when I woke up, and I was scared out of my mind. I had to calm myself down and tell myself that it was just a dream. I contacted the clinic about their laser procedure and asked them if I could come in to get some more answers from them from one of their doctors. They agreed and we confirmed an appointment for me.

When I got to the clinic, they were able to get rid of all of the fears that I had about the tattoo removal process. They showed me the laser and how it worked, and I was less scared because I knew that it wouldn’t be some kind of really painful process. I made an appointment for the next day to come in and start getting the removal process done. They told me that I could get it done in less than five treatments because the tattoo was so small. They were right, and now my foot is bare again.